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If you mention Cedar Point today to someone, their first thought is probably of the roller coasters. Cedar Point is called the Roller Coaster Capital of the World for a reason. The park has set more world records, holds more world records, and has set the standard for amusement parks across the world.

But it hasn’t always been like that.

If you go back in time a hundred years ago, the roller coasters were an afterthought. Cedar Point in the early days was all about getting away to the beach, catching a live show in the Ballroom, socializing on the Hotel Breakers porch, or having a fine picnic with your co-workers. Sure, the resort had roller coasters. And Ferris wheels. And haunted houses. And carousels. 

But these weren’t the focus. 

Rolling Through The Years is a look back across time at the development and changes at the Worlds’ Greatest Amusement Park. Author Ken Miller has spent the last seven years exploring the history of the resort. Magazine articles, museum archives, and over 100,000 newspaper articles spanning 200 years were examined for this detailed history of Cedar Point. Over 75 historical maps of the peninsula and over 1200 images are included in the book.

Rolling Through The Years is broken into two main sections.  

In the first section the information is grouped by category.  

Want to know how tall the Raptor roller coaster loop is? 

It’s in there.  

Want to know why the original location for the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad was changed? 

It’s in there.

Want to know where the Demon Drop ride ended up? 

It’s in there.  

Want to know what year the G.A. Boeckling steamship was christened? 

It’s in there.

In the second section the information is grouped chronologically.  

Want to know what happened in 1982? 

It’s in there. 

Year by year, the changes at the park are detailed.  

Opening Day, Closing Day, rides opening, rides closing, show schedules, ticket prices, the map and artwork for that year, major events, trivia; it’s in there.

Cover for "Rolling Through The Years: a Cedar Point Atlas & Chronology"

Cover for "Rolling Through The Years: a Cedar Point Atlas & Chronology"

Page 114 of Rolling Through The Years

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Rolling Through The Years

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